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Easily mail personalized, printed cards

from your PC, tablet or smart phone!

Follow Up

FOLLOW UP with a customer who stopped in to look but didn't buy, and separate yourself from the competition!

"Nice to meet you"

NICE TO MEET YOU cards, sent out to a new prospect, go a long way in establishing a business relationship.


REMINDER cards can help you set up maintenance and service appointments, sell consumables, or solicit referrals and feedback.

On all three of these card designs, the recipient's first name was used not only in the address, but also in the artwork on the front of the card and in the "Dear _____" field. When you enter your recipient's name and address, our system automatically pulls the first name and customizes the card for you.

Your customer will be impressed that you put in the extra time and effort to personalize their card, even though you really didn't.

Want to personalize your cards even more? Let us know what you want in the P.S. area, and by the way this message can change for every card.