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Easily mail personalized, printed cards

from your PC, tablet or smart phone!

If you can use a spreadsheet, MailShakes will be a breeze

If you're using a CRM program like InfusionSoft, you will be able to have cards go out automatically!

Have a smart phone? You'll love sending MailShakes.

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Getting Started is Simple. Sending a Card is Easier.

Creating an Account

   1. Sign up & pay for your appropriate

        membership level.

    2. Meet your team

         member that will assist on building

         your personal card program.

    3. Send us your ideas, messages,

        graphics, logo and signature(s) and we'll do 

         the rest.

    4. Receive specific instruction on the convenient

         ways you can send out your MailShakes cards.

Please understand that setting your customized MailShakes program up takes the most time.

Once your program is set up, sending cards will only take minutes.

Learn more about setting up your system

Sending a Card

Let's say you want to send a card to follow up with people that visit your showroom but don't purchase. Simply select the appropriate file name on your spreadsheet. You may have multiple cards on file, like a Sales Followup Letter card, Thank You card, a Service Reminder card, or a card soliciting feedback and referrals.

       Click the image below for a larger view

If you've entered the person's name into a CRM system like InfusionSoft, you can set InfusionSoft to automatically send us an order based on where that client is in your sales funnel! (We can help you set that up)


You can also fill out the card manually on your PC, tablet or smart phone! Using a very simple web-based form, you would select which card you want to send, enter the customer's name and address, and if you want to, you can add a personal P.S. line at the end.

Then you just hit Send, and that's all there is to it. A custom card will be printed, stamped, and in the mail the next business day.

        Click the image below for a larger view

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