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Easily mail personalized, printed cards

from your PC, tablet or smart phone!

Setting Up Your MailShakes Account

When you sign up for MailShakes, one of our consultants will contact you to help you with the setup process.

Here is a list of what you will need, along with some tips, tricks and suggestions so you can prepare.

1. Design the front of your cards.

Make it stand out! Beautiful imagery and humor really grab attention

Add customizable text. With our system, we can personalize the header or

  footer text on each card with your recipient's name! So instead of a generic line of text, your

  card to Suzie Q. Customer can say "Suzie, check out this hot deal".

2. Compose your message

This is the body text on the back of your card - the basic message you want to get across.

Make it short and sweet. Get right to the point!

Make sure to include a call to action - Tell them what you want them to do next. Call? Stop

  in? Visit your website? Spell it out for them.

Don't get too specific - Remember this is the stock message that's going out each time. The

  personalization happens automatically in the front-side graphic, and the "Dear ______" field.

  You will also have an area for a P.S. line which is completely customizable each time you place

  an order.

3. Scan your Signature

Each card should have your signature on it. That makes the card authentic.

For best results:

Get clean, bright white paper and a good quality pen or fine-point Sharpie

Sign your name slightly larger than normal.

Scan at 300ppi (Pixels Per Inch).

      *If you don't have a scanner, that's ok. Let us know and we'll help you.

4. Send those items to us so we can set up your account.

• Place the design, message and signature files into a folder

• Name the folder with your company name and what it is (Acme_ThankYouCard)

• ZIP the folder using WinZip or some other compression utility

• Send the ZIPPED file to us. If the .ZIP file is under 5MB, email will work fine. If it's over

   5MB, contact us and we'll give you a link to upload your files. 

We can help you design your card, compose your message, scan your signature, or anything else you need to get up and running!

Having trouble visualizing? Click here to see a graphical breakdown